Time to Say Goodbye/Blog Evaluation

This is my blog evaluation. I answered the questions on week 10 from the web page: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/

  • This year (both school semesters) I wrote 10 posts.
  • I think all my posts were based on either the student challenges or on what my teacher said to do, but what she said was pretty unspecific, something like “write a poem”, “write a short story”, or “write about a problem in the world that you are concerned about”.
  • I received 4 replies from other students and one from my teacher.
  • My food post received the most comments. I think this happened because I asked them to comment and tell me about thier food.

My Flawless Future

In my future, I will definitely marry Calum Hood. Here is a picture of us together, but I had to blur my face for privacy reasons.

iamshielashane via Compfight cc

Original picture of Calum by iamshielashane via Compfight cc

I don’t really care what else happens, as long as I have Calum. But here’s an idea I have:

Some of my friends love the 5 Seconds of Summer boys. Mariella loves Michael Clifford, so they can get married. Haley loved Luke Hemmings, so they can get married. Ashton Irwin will find someone, maybe one of my friends Kittie, Martha, or Margaret (they all like 5SOS). And no, it’s not ridiculous to marry Calum, he’s only 7 years older than me! Anyways, we will all live on a private island off the coast of Hawaii (all houses on one island). There will be five giant houses, one for each couple plus a guest house for all our friends or family who visit. Our backyard will be the ocean (of course since we’ll be on an island). Calum’s and my house will have a giant fish tank under the bottom floor with a glass roof, and there will be a shark in it like Victor from Despicable Me’s floor. Our shark will be a guard animal and bump the glass to warn us if someone comes, which they won’t since it’ll be a safe island that not many people know about.

Most days all of us will go to the beach and surf, swim, tan, and sing songs by a campfire. I will get backstage passes or front row seats to all of the 5SOS concerts (yes, they will still perform) and the boys will sometimes invite me onstage to play guitar like they do to some fans.

Also, there will be a beach volleyball net on the sand and we will have volleyball tournaments. Our tournaments will be 2 vs 2 or just games 4 vs 4.

Later, once all the couples have kids, they will come with us to the beach and they’ll all play together while we surf, tan, swim, sing, and play volleyball. This is my dream, and I hope that one day it’ll be a reality.

American (Texan) Foods

I know you all think of the stereotypical fat American just eating junk food all the time, but we eat healthy foods, too! Also, Americans may think that here in Texas we just eat barbecue or squirrel meat on our farms, but we don’t. I live in the city, and we do have some barbecue, but not a lot, and we DEFINITELY don’t eat squirrels! Here are some classic foods we eat in Texas.

Baked potatoes are definitely a favorite here. We bake a potato and then put things on it like cheese, butter, bacon, onions, sour cream, brisket (BBQ meat), chicken, and more. I just like bacon and cheese on my baked potatoes.

Another food we have in Texas is hotdogs. The meat is usually made of beef (cow) but sometimes it’s pork (pig) or turkey meat or even tofu (vegetables; usually for vegetarians, or people who don’t eat meat). The meat is put in a bun, which is the bread. People often put ketchup, mustard, chile, cheese, mayo, or more on it.



Field Day

Today is field day, an annual event at my school where each student has a team: either purple or gold. Purple and gold teams have been competing in competitions all week in games such as boomerball or doge ball and earning points if they win. Today, there are big competitions; each grade level has a competition such as tug-of-wars, toss-a-bean-bag-in-the-air-while-running races, sack races, and my grade (7th) is doing a relay race. Gold and purple girls compete and then gold and purple boys compete, and the winner gets points for their team. At the end, the winner is announced and there is a big carnival with food booths, bouncy houses, face paint, hair spray, silly string, water slides, a big raffle (with prizes anything from dogs or cats to trips to signed footballs to $50-1,000 gift cards) My favorite event/station/booth is probably the win-a-goldfish station, or maybe the photo booth. I am on team gold, and we are the best (obviously)! We won last year, and we’re going to win this year too! Field day is so much fun and I can’t wait! Comment below if you have a fun event like this!

Golf Poem

I like to play golf; it’s really fun.

I spend all day outside in the sun.

I can earn money from my dad

When my shot is really good and his is kinda bad.

I also play on my school’s golf team

It’s really fun, laid-back, and serene.

I work on my golf game every day.

I take lessons, do drills, workout, and play.

I also play tournaments and compete

Against other golfers that I meet.

I wear a golf glove on my left hand

So it’s really pale, while my right is tanned.

I always try to get a par

And I can if I hit the ball far.

I have three golf coaches that are all really nice.

They give me lots of helpful advice.

I drive the golf cart when my teachers let me.

Once I crashed into a tree!

Overall, I love golf a lot.

Especially when I have good shots.

Now I have some advice to you.

You should learn to play golf, too.

5 Seconds of Summer Poem

(The photo above is of fetus 5SOS, or them when they were younger. They’re so cute, right? Aah, I love them!)

5 Seconds of Summer is my favorite band,

I think that all their music is pretty grand.

Along with the music, the boys are great too.

Us fangirls love them more than pandas love bamboo.

There’s Calum, Luke, Michael, and Ash.

Their liveliness spreads like a rash.

We’re a family, us fangirls and the guys,

So you should join the 5SOS Fam! Otherwise-

You’ll miss out on this great opportunity

To join our dysfunctional unity.

So Long, Farewell

  • Since October, I have written 7 posts, or 8 including this post.
  • I completed them all at school, and most were set by challenges, but a few our teacher assigned or maybe were a free write.
  • I recieved 9 comments from other student bloggers.
  • My post that recieved the most comments was my volleyball post, which received 5 comments. I think this got the most comments because lots of people play volleyball, so they had something to say about it.
  • I liked writing all of my posts, but my favorite might have been the post about my cat, Leeanne, because I love her so much and it was fun to think about her.
  • I changed my blog themes to 5 Seconds of Summer and to the color pink because I love both of those very much.
  • I don’t have any widgets. I don’t think that is enough.
  • I have talked to oversea students through comments a lot.
  • I showed creativity on my blog through my themes, my posts, and my comments on my blog and other blogs.


A popular food in my country, America, is pizza. This is a picture of a slice of pepperoni (a popular meat topping) pizza.

Is your mouth watering yet? Pizza is a delicious fast food made of bread/dough, tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings such as meat or vegetables. I love pizza. My favorite kind of pizza is plain cheese, but I also love ham on it. Here are some fun facts about pizza:

  • Pizzerias (pizza shops) are expected to purchase more than $4 billion worth of cheese annually by the year 2010.
  • 36 percent of all pizza orders want their pizza topping pepperoni.
  • 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly.
  • 93% of Americans have eaten pizza in the last month.
  • Pizza accounts for more than 10 percent of all food service sales.
  • Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza a day or about 350 slices per second.
  • There are approximately 61,269 pizzerias in the United States.
  • Each person in America eats about 46 pizza slices a year.
  • October is the US national pizza month.
  • Over 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year.
Fun Fact Source: http://pizza.com/fun-facts <—- Click to see more!
If you’re not from the USA, leave a reply (above) what country you’re from and about the food there!

A Horrible Halloween

I was so excited for Halloween! Only one more day! Too bad I never lived to see it again.

They had warned me. I should’ve listened to Bill and Noah. I thought they were kidding when they told me not to blow out the jack-o-lantern. They were right, I admit it now. But it’s too late.

That was the original jack-o-lantern. It just showed up on my porch one day. The class bullies Bill and Noah turned as pale as ghosts when they saw it. They told me not to blow it out. I thought it was some kind of prank to see if I was too chicken to blow it out. But they were serious. Anyways, one evening after I finished my homework, I blew it out. Then I went back inside and forgot about it. At least, until the next morning.

My mom had yelled to wake me up. After 15 minutes of moaning and complaining to her, I got up. I went to school, but when I opened my locked, there was the jack-o-lantern, the light still burned out.

“Haha, very funny.” I told the bullies. But they just stared in disbelief. They told me I had to leave town. Try to escape. But I know now that it wouldn’t have mattered. The jack-o-lantern kept showing up today, on my seat in class, in my cubby, in my backpack, it was getting annoying. So i threw it away in the dumpster outside and shut the lid. But it showed up on my doorstep, all clean. I finished my homework and went to bed right away, skipping dinner.

It was suddenly towering over me. It let out an evil cackle and leaned down to eat me. I woke up in a puddle of sweat.

“Just a dream, just a dream.” I reassured myself. But I as I turned on the lamp, I saw the jack-o-lantern on the pillow next to me, watching me. I shuddered. I stayed up the rest of the night, watching it. It stared right back.

The next day was the same experience. It kept showing up! I thought it was a prank, and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. So at assembly, I stood up and announced to the whole middle school that whoever was playing this prank had better stop now, and that if someone knew who was doing it, to please report to me. When I sat back down, the jack-o-lantern was in my chair! Next to me sat Kate and George. Neither of them were close friends of mine, but at least they were nice. I talked to them at recess. They both sincerely swore they knew nothing about it. They also said they didn’t notice anyone putting the pumpkin in my seat. I asked more people who sat around me, and no one had seen anything suspicious. Surely someone would’ve noticed! And no one came to report to me! So either the whole school is in on this joke, or it’s not a prank.

That night, I had another nightmare. This time, the jack-o-lantern was giant and had sat on me and squished me. I woke up in another puddle of sweat. I looked up and saw the jack-o-lantern towering over me. I pinched myself, not a dream!

That blurry jack-o-lantern coming straight towards me was the last thing I ever saw. THE END.



Paul Mayne via Compfight cc

Paul Mayne via Compfight cc                                        

The cat above looks exactly like my cat. My cat’s name is Leeanne. She is all black, but don’t think she’s unlucky. She’s not! She’s cute, sweet, funny, loud, and hungry. Sometimes, she wakes me up in the morning around six or seven by walking on me, or laying literally on my head and purring in my ear. Then she expects to be petted and loved.

Soon, she’ll realize that she’s hungry. So she’ll stand in the middle of the hallway meowing really loudly, waking everyone up, until someone feeds her. Annoying, but adorable. If people are eating at the breakfast table, whether or not she’s done with her meal, she’ll come onto the back of whoever is eating’s chair and put her arms on their armrest, wanting food. One time, she ate a whole Chick-Fil-A french fry! Also, sometimes she doesn’t eat her food right away. She likes to drag it all around the floor and hunt it first. She especially likes to hunt q-tips because the cotton gets caught on her claws and it flings across the room.

Leeanne also likes to be in the sun. Sometimes we take her outside and let her play in the bushes and sniff stuff, but we’re really careful and have a loaded squirt gun or hose handy so in case she runs off we can squirt in front of her and keep her close. But she’s very cautious, so I don’t think she would run away unless a rabbit or big squirrel scared her. If we don’t take her outside, she will find a spot of the floor where sun is coming through a window and nap there. In the sun, her fur gets really warm and looks dark brown instead of black.

Oh, and she LOVES to play. We have some toys for her, like feathers on a stick and a red laser dot. She also loves, as i said, q-tips, and Zoo-Zoo pets. Zoo-Zoo pets are little toys about the size of hamsters that, if you press a button, wheel around and spin and stuff. She loves them! We mostly play with her in the living room. So whenever one of us walks by the living room, she will dash in and start meowing and purring on the rug.

One bad thing about her is, she sometimes gets confused when someone is petting her. She might think that they are playing with her, and scratch their hand. Luckily, it doesn’t hurt too bad, just a scratch, but still, it’s really annoying.

Another bad thing about her is that she is kind of shy around new people. If I have many friends over, she gets scared and runs under the couch. But if I have one or two calm friends over, she rubs up against their legs and purrs.

Now I’ll tell you how we adopted her. My brother and I have wanted a cat for a long time. So my dad made us really hard deals to get a cat. If I hit ten softballs in my last few softball games in the outfield, we got a cat. But that was really hard, since softballs are heavy, and I don’t think I got ten at-bats, or chances, after we made the deal. My 11-year-old brother’s deal was that he had to get six strike-outs in one baseball game, which he did easily, and to hit a home run in baseball, WHICH HE DID! We were so excited! We went to the SPCA Animal Shelter and picked her out.

That’s the story of my purrfect cat!